1 Corporate

Management System

The company policy adopted by Koray consists of the trust built by the prestigious construction contracts by providing best solutions to the employers, ensuring safe work environment for the employees based on its knowledge, experience, construction quality and ensuring sustainability of Koray which has become the symbol of such trust.

Koray Group of Companies Upper Management adopts the goal and principle of taking necessary measures to ensure the health and work safety of its workers at its work sites, providing appropriate conditions and fully supplying necessary resources. It strives to carry out all of its operations at a level that is acceptable taking into account the risks in terms of Occupational Health and Safety. It commits to prevent injuries and impairment of health, to minimize pollution and to continuously improve quality, occupational safety and environmental management and performance.

Accordingly, the main components of Koray Group of Companies management policies are as follows:

Moral values and honesty

To be honest and transparent against the administrations, people at the countries we operate it and against all real and legal entities, institutions and bodies, our employees, our supply and service providers and our shareholders, to accept in advance that success achieved without such moral values does not bear any meaning and to never step out of authenticity and honesty at all costs and to fight until the end for what we know as right,


To be sensitive in our personal relations within and outside of the company and to be respectful to everyone's opinions and experiences,


Prior to making any promises or undertaking any responsibilities against all bodies and institutions that hire us, our employees, our supply and service providers and our shareholders, to make the best planning and calculations with a sense of responsibility and to avoid actions that are not well-thought, when carrying out operations, to always take into account the Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental risks during all phases related to Supplier-Koray chain, to increase competitiveness by trying to build long term relationships with the suppliers, to provide assistance in raising their awareness on Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environment and in complying with the policies of Koray, to determine duties, authorities and responsibilities of everyone, including subcontractors operating at the work sites regarding Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environment and to distribute such determination in writing to everyone, to ensure that everyone is responsible against their immediate supervisors in adhering to such provision.


To accept our errors and mistakes, to bear the consequences and to try to learn from our mistakes. While applying systematic approaches and methods in resolving issues, to continue the habit of taking precautions prior to the occurrence of issues,


To respect people who fight with courage within and outside of the company for what they believe to be right and not to turn them into targets,


To believe that success is only possible by a synergic team spirit with the contribution of all company employees and to try participation from all, to accept the fact that it is a must to educate each other throughout time with the knowledge coming from both within ourselves and from outside,


To ensure that all of our employees are proud to be working at Koray and to be able to realize this to provide material and moral satisfaction within the most possible fair applications. To provide the best and most equal means to our employees to ensure their self-improvement and to award outstanding performances. In addition to its employees, to have Koray also reflect its business discipline and sense of quality to its subcontractors and to ensure that the Koray subcontractors become proud to work with Koray upon obtaining such values,


To adopt the principle of obtaining gains at reasonable levels from the work that we do and/or from the values we create, without sacrificing the standards, specifications, legal regulations and company policies. To build long term relationships with subcontractors that adopt the rules of Koray and that operate on mutual win-win principle,

Our Clients

In order to ensure the loyalty of our clients, to strive to demonstrate all of the good faith that we can as their strategic partners by cooperation and to always keep customer satisfaction as a priority. To consider all feedback received from all of the clients, shareholders and neighbors regarding Quality, Environment and Occupation Health and Safety, as an opportunity for improvement,


To adopt institutionalization as a principle and to prepare the infrastructure of the professional team that will take the company further. To train our young workers as creative, hardworking and honest employees and to pay attention to the fact that our workers consist of individuals who are confident, who can communicate, use authority and take responsibility.