1 Corporate

Quality Understanding

To be able to operate at the highest standards to make sure that the best possible technology, machines, equipments, materials and labor are used at all times, to be open to change, to be innovative and inquisitive.

To take quality beyond standards/specifications; in addition to completing the contracts in compliance with the specifications and standards and on time, as a good contractor, detecting the factors that the employer may not observe and to find the best by notifying the employer when necessary, to always maintain the quality symbol image of Koray by continuously improving and enhancing processes. In order to have the employees of Koray comply with the effective laws and to increase the business standards, to ensure coordination with the clients, consultants and subcontractors on the matter of environment, occupational health and safety. To ensure that all employees of Koray put effort in absolutely complying with and adopting the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and relevant Legal provisions, in continuously tracking them and in fully fulfilling them on time.