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Who we are

After finishing his education at Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Civil Engineering in 1950, Mr. H. Ayduk Koray, the founder of our Group of Companies, founded his own company and initiated his free business life.

This small company successfully carried on its activities till 1976 and realized many industrial plants and prestigious buildings, specializing in the construction of fair-faced concrete buildings. As a result of the increasing administrational and technical needs, this company has became a partnered structure. While successfully adapting itself to the latest developments in construction technology, Koray since then, pioneered the use of modern construction techniques to realize buildings which are still important milestones in Turkish Architecture. Koray today, is capable  of providing a wide and excellent array of general contracting services ranging from initial concept design to turnkey completion, a quality which has earned Koray a distinct position in the Turkish construction industry.

Besides its activities in Turkey, Koray has also realized prestigious projects botn in Saudi Arabia, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan and Jordan.